return to humanity

today i finally feel like i am starting to return to the land of the living. i had my wisdom teeth out on friday, and have been curled up on the couch slurping lukewarm soup and gumming through bowl after bowl of cottage cheese. i haven't wanted to knit, read, cook, or bake a thing. finally, today, i felt ready to return to the kitchen. as soon as i got home from work i tied on my apron and made my 'famous' meatloaf and zucchini fritters. (yes, the same fritters i blogged about here). hey, they were reasonably soft and i could eat them without much difficulty. it felt great to eat a real meal after four days of nothing but mush.

i felt so great, in fact, that i decided to whip up one of the recipes i've been wanting to test for weeks now.

these are some of my all-time favorite ingredients. can anyone guess what i'm making? i'll post the recipe tomorrow if it turns out ok :)

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